Smart Energy

International expert community

- analysis of policymaking and alignment of interests in energy policy.
- participation in the energy and climate change policymaking.
- alignment of interests between institutions and interest groups.
- communication with international energy organizations.
- formation of expert teams to solve Nacional energy tasks.



Energy system architecture and policy making culture from the past is a couse why Lithuania has barriers for further integration to european energy network for becoming independant energy system. This problem can be managed step by step fostering mutual values between institutions and interest groups and with the help of international organizations. The energy research agency unites energy experts, interest groups and achieves its main goal by communicating with institutions and international organizations.


Modernization of cooperation between institutions and experts in order to achieve an independent renewable energy sector.

Our team

Prof. Dr. Andrius Stasiukynas

Energy policy analysis and strategic planning, democratization of energy sector management, improvement of service provision.


Dr. Jaunius Jatautas

Analysis of energy policy and alignment of interests groups between institutions. Formulating alternative solutions to climate change policy.


Gintaras Adžgauskas

Cooperation with institutions on energy and climate change issues.


Olek Suchodolski

Architecture, design and implementation of intelligent network system infrastructure and integrated artificial intelligence system. Conducting applied research.


Our Company

Director: Dr. Jaunius Jatautas
Company name: Energetinių tyrimų agentūra, VšĮ
Company code: 306151439
Adress: Šv. Kazimiero 7-1, Vilnius, Lithuania